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The Importance of Non-Emergency Medical Transportation

According to a study completed by Community Transportation Association, some 3.6 million people in the United States miss a doctor’s appointment or put off going to the doctor simply because they do not have any way to get there. Of that 3.6 million, 950,000 are children. Most of these individuals are low-income and lack a working vehicle. While larger areas have affordable public transportation, not everyone lives in these areas. However, for those with low-income, non-emergency medical transportation (NEMT) options are available.

Because low-income patients fall through the gaps, the NEMT benefits fill those gaps. In some cases, ambulances are utilized to help patients get to where they need, especially if they are coming from a nursing home. However, subsidies in certain areas allow patients to take taxis, vans, or car services to get to their appointments.

Spending a Little to Save a Lot

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5 Benefits of Orange Juice For Body Health

There is no doubt if the citrus fruit is widely known among people because of the vitamin C content contained in it. Citrus fruits are usually eaten directly, because only live peeled and the fruit can be eaten directly, does not require a tool like a knife when will eat melon or watermelon. However, to get more freshness, some people do not consume citrus fruits directly, but mixed with water and added ice in it. Fresh cold juice pressing Indonesia is one of your destination connoisseur juice rich in nutrients and richness of abundant delights.

Benefits of Orange Juice

It’s no wonder if there is a lot of orange juice because it feels fresher and more relieving thirst compared with eating it directly. But apparently, consuming oranges with juice made from orange juice will be reduced. If you want an orange drink, it is better to squeeze oranges, not in … Read More

Cleansing Diet Definition

Cleansing is a dietary practice that spans back through the centuries. It is a natural way to clear the body of toxins and built up waste products that was used in ancient medicine. Because of its effectiveness, cleansing is enjoying a reemergence of popularity today.

The practice of cleansing, which is also known as detoxification (or detox) is used for a number of purposes. Cleansing may be used to simply give the body a healthy boost or as a precursor to another holistic approach. The most popular use of cleansing in modern society is for dietary cleansing.

Cleansing diets are simple and effective. They work quickly to produce significant weight loss results.

Basics Of Cleansing Diets

There are many, many different kinds of cleansing diets with different recipes and variations of foods and drinks. Some are strictly liquid diet protocols and are often considered fasting diets while others combine beneficial … Read More

Visit Your Dentist Twice a Year for Healthy and Stronger Teeth

Despite massive improvement in oral healthcare, many people yet fear to visit the dentist for routine checkups. This should not be your case since without regular screening from dental surgeon, even the minor ailment may become severe. A tiny spot on the tongue may be risky, it should not be overlooked at all. Save yourself from the pain and cost associated with the treatment for teeth repair by visiting your dentist at least two times in a year. If you fall under the category of high risk people, you should be visiting your dentist’s chamber regularly. Read to know why visiting the dentist twice a year is important and good for oral health.

  • Dental problems can be treated on time – Visiting your dentist once every six months gives you a chance to detect any dental problem (that may arise) and treat it before becoming worse. It’s quite easy to
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Health and Spirituality

The special group of the WHO Executive Board for the review of the Constitution proposed that the preamble be modified to read (World Health Organization (1997) Review of the Constitution… , EB 10 1/7, p.2)

“Health is a dynamic state of complete physical, mental, spiritual and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity”

In January 1998, the Executive Board endorsed this proposal of the Special Group and adopted resolution EB 10 1.R2 recommending the World Health Assembly to modify the preamble of the Constitution accordingly (World Health Organization (1998) Executive Board 101st Session, Resolutions and Decisions, EB101.1998/REC/l, p.52-53)

In 2005, the Bangkok Charter for the Health Promotion in a Globalized World endorses a “positive and inclusive concept of health as a determinant of the quality of life and encompassing mental and spiritual well-being.”

From the earliest definition of WHO – “Health is the absence of an … Read More