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Life Plus Controversy – What’s The Truth About Life Plus?

Life Plus is a network marketing company that has been selling health and wellness products for more than 25 years. It was founded by J. Robert Lemon, William T. Evans, Robert Christian, and Timothy A. Nolan, and now operates in 60 countries worldwide.

The Good…

Life Plus have a large range of products including supplements for your immune system, digestive system, weight-management, circulation, antioxidants, skincare, bones and joints, heart health, and vision.

The products seem decent and offer some good benefits, but the problem with Life Plus is that there are literally hundreds of other health and wellness companies out there selling very similar products so, as a Distributor, how do you stand out from the crowd and persuade people that your business is the best option?

The Bad…

Traditionally, network marketing companies encourage their Distributors to sell to their friends, family, and neighbors. The emphasis is on local marketing … Read More

The Benefits of Cannabis For Health From Time to Time

Currently this long green we often say as an adverse plant even categorized as a narcotic crop that we consider to damage the young generation when some of these plant countries are classified as narcotics, although it is not proven that the wearer becomes addicted, unlike other types of drugs using materials – synthetic or semi-synthetic materials and damaging brain cells, which are already very obviously dangerous to humankind. One of the institutions that have applied for permission to use marijuana in the research is the Circle of Ganja Nusantara (LGN). However, besides making us touched, Fidelis’s experience in using marijuana to heal his wife reminds us again that marijuana not only has a negative impact. Read more also on Florida Medical Marijuana

Although research on the benefits of marijuana for medical counts is not so much, in some small case studies, the use of marijuana in cancer patients reportedly … Read More

Current and Emerging Trends in Fitness

Fitness is a constantly changing field. There are always new machines, methods, and theories aimed at improving the quality of life. Fitness fads may come and go, but there have been several trends in fitness that have lasted several decades and continue to grow in popularity.

Aerobic exercise has always formed the backbone of the fitness industry. Running, step aerobics, dance-type aerobics, boxing, kickboxing, and spinning, an indoor cycling class set to music, have all emerged as mainstays in health and fitness facilities. Their popularity continues to grow.

Aquatic exercise has also increased in popularity. Water has the unique ability to allow cardiovascular and muscular improvements with little stress on the joints of the body. Aquatic exercise is no longer just swimming laps; almost every class that can be done on land is now being done in the water. Running, spinning, step aerobics, and even strengthening can all be done … Read More

Abusive Boss? Recover Your Power, Restore Your Health

Do not let your abusive boss destroy your soul. Recover your power. Restore your health.

Why Your Abusive Boss Has So Much Power to Harm.

We humans are wired for relationship. We survive and prosper in community. Isolate and marginalize us, and we suffer.

Rejection is not only painful, it's psychologically devastating if from someone important to us and we on whatever we depend. This is why children, the extremely dependent people, can be harmed for life by abusive parents.

So, being abused by a boss who can deprive us of our income and sense of dignity is particularly painful. If the abuse is daily, we may easily become depressed, anxious, and physically sick. That is why so many employees "go out on stress leave." Place a bad boss in an already stressful work situation with too much work and too little help, and the situation can be toxic. The … Read More

Fitness Assessments – An Important Screening Tool Before Starting a Fitness Program

We’ve all heard the advice before starting an exercise program: “See your doctor before you begin.” Often, many adults disregard this advice, presuming that it doesn’t really apply to them. However, regardless of your age, your current fitness level, or your health history, it’s always important to make sure that exercise is safe and appropriate for you before embarking on a new exercise program.

Fitness assessments — also known as pre-participation health screenings, or fitness tests — are important screening tools to determine the presence of risk factors and any symptoms of cardiovascular, pulmonary, and metabolic diseases, as well as other health conditions which may be adversely affected by exercise. The fitness assessment provides key information that can be used to develop a prescription of exercise that helps you achieve your health goals quickly, but safely.

These can range from simple self-administered questionnaires, to a physical examination and even complex … Read More