Month: June 2017

CO2 for ‘Free’

We’ve all heard that there is no such thing as a ‘free lunch’; well the process described in this article may be as close to one as you get. Most of us already know the benefits of CO2 enrichment for photosynthesis. To maximize indoor growing and greenhouse potential, CO2 is supplemented to maintain an approximate level of 1500 ppm, this can require frequent trips to an industrial gas supplier and/or a lot of propane or natural gas use, and related costs. It is ironic that many indoor farmers are exhausting CO2 to the outdoors from home heaters and hot water heaters while simultaneously releasing or generating CO2 for an indoor grow room or a greenhouse.

Propane and Natural gas burn clean enough that small non-vented gas devices have been approved for indoor use. These gas burning devices all use oxygen (in the air) to burn the gas, resulting in the … Read More

Hope for Women With Poor Ovarian Reserve and Poor Egg Quality

Women in their late 30s to mid 40s can face age-related fertility problems. Poor ovarian reserve and poor egg quality are common diagnoses for this population of women who seek help for fertility. When a woman hears she has diminished or poor ovarian reserve, she feels a sense of dread and fear that her chances of getting pregnant are now over. But is this really the case and is there room for hope?

With acupuncture and Chinese medicine there is always hope as the main philosophy of our medicine embraces the idea of the body’s innate ability to heal itself. One of the goals of a fertility treatment with acupuncture and Chinese herbs is to improve the whole health of a patient; to improve the internal environment and thus improve the body’s function.

This concept of improving the internal environment to improve pregnancy rates is mirrored in scientific research that … Read More

Understanding Cash Register

Cashier / Cash register is a mechanical and electronic equipment to calculate and record sales transactions are usually integrated in a module with a drawer (cash drawer) to save a certain amount of currency. Cash registers generally also print out prints from receipts to customers. ( Read More : QuickBooks Support Phone Number )

In general the drawer / drawer cash register or cash register will open automatically after any sale or transaction if not that can open only the supervisor or owner. It aims to reduce the risk of loss and theft. Almost all cashiers have a NS (No Sale) button that aims to open a drawer without any transactions and any of these keys will be recorded in the final report by the supervisor or owner. There are several cashier machines that currently have password / password to perform transactions like NS earlier. The inventor of the cash … Read More

Osteopathy As a Top Health Care Career Choice

What is Osteopathic Health Care?

The health profession of Osteopathy (founded in 1874 by Dr. Andrew Taylor Still in the USA) is an established internationally recognized manual medicine system of diagnosis and treatment, which lays its main emphasis on the structural and functional integrity of the musculoskeletal system.

Osteopathic health practitioners use a variety of hands-on physical treatments. These include soft tissue techniques, joint mobilization & manipulation, muscle energy treatment and functional (strain and counter strain) techniques. These techniques are normally employed together with exercise, dietary, and occupational advice in an attempt to help patients recover from pain, disease and injury.

There are two types of osteopaths. European style Osteopaths (also known as osteopathic manual practitioners, manual osteopaths, traditional osteopaths & classical osteopaths) do not prescribe medications or perform surgery, while American style osteopaths (also known as osteopathic physicians) perform surgery and prescribe medications as well as using osteopathic techniques … Read More

Nutrition Teamwork – How Vitamins and Minerals Work Together

Nutrition teamwork between vitamins and minerals

Vitamins and minerals are team players, so if you want the most nutritional value from each meal, consider which foods work best together. Iron and Vitamin C are the best known nutritional “team” as they work together to increase each other’s absorption. So eating salad with your steak ensures greater absorption of both iron and Vitamin C.

Calcium and Vitamin D are another great team, although combining them into one meal takes a little more forethought. Dairy products are the chief nutritional source of calcium, while our bodies can create Vitamin D from sunlight. We can also absorb Vitamin D from food such as avocado or eggs, so if you don’t fancy drinking a milkshake while basking in the sun, throw a beaten egg into the milkshake or blend an avocado into a cup of Greek yogurt to make avocado dip (add lemon juice … Read More