5 Benefits of Orange Juice For Body Health

There is no doubt if the citrus fruit is widely known among people because of the vitamin C content contained in it. Citrus fruits are usually eaten directly, because only live peeled and the fruit can be eaten directly, does not require a tool like a knife when will eat melon or watermelon. However, to get more freshness, some people do not consume citrus fruits directly, but mixed with water and added ice in it. Fresh cold juice pressing Indonesia is one of your destination connoisseur juice rich in nutrients and richness of abundant delights.

Benefits of Orange Juice

It’s no wonder if there is a lot of orange juice because it feels fresher and more relieving thirst compared with eating it directly. But apparently, consuming oranges with juice made from orange juice will be reduced. If you want an orange drink, it is better to squeeze oranges, not in juice, to keep the nutrients awake. Here are the advantages of consuming a squeezed orange:

Orange Nutrition Warmer More

Making orange juice by squeezing oranges will be better than crushing oranges with a blender or juicer. Some juicer tools can oxidize citrus fruits so that they can lower the nutrients of citrus fruits. Squeeze the oranges much better because the orange squeezer equipment can protect the nutrient content in the fruit. If you want to consume oranges as a drink, better make it with the process of squeezing not with the juicing process that uses juicer equipment.

Makes Body Relax

Squeezing fruit will be able to improve health and maintain body balance. Making lime juice combined with several types of squeezed vegetables such as cucumbers, tomatoes, parsley and some other green vegetables can make the body and mind more relaxed than ever before. Nutrition in vegetables has a very high mineral content such as magnesium. This mineral in vegetables can make your body and mind relax. By making some mixture of vegetables and squeezed fruit including in using lime, can maintain health because the nutrients in the body are covered with mineral and vitamin content is maintained.

Increase Consumers Consume Fruit

Eating squeeze, such as squeezed oranges can increase the desire to consume fresh oranges. This is true for some other types of fruit. Orange juice does not reduce the nutrients in citrus fruits, but only take the essence contained in citrus fruits. Orange juice also does not change the taste of oranges, another case with orange juice that slightly changes the taste of oranges because of the high friction between the citrus fruit and juicer tool. Fresh orange juice is what can make some people will get used to the taste of fresh citrus fruits. So in some time, will arise the desire to consume fresh fruit that keeps freshness and nutrients in it.

Fiber Content In Citrus Fruit Awake

When processing oranges with juice, the nutrients from citrus fruits will be reduced by five times compared to fresh oranges. Another case with orange juice, oranges are squeezed does not remove the nutrients in citrus fruits. Sari obtained from the juice of the citrus fruit is also kept awake in the citrus fruit. Thus, the fiber content possessed by citrus fruits will remain intact. Eating orange juice with fiber that is still awake can help the process of stimulation in the digestive system. Stimulation that occurs in the digestive system is what can keep fruit intake for the body.

Although suffering from ulcer disease and fear of orange juice has a rather sour taste, can be tried using lime for blackmail. Lime does have a very sour taste, but in fact, lime juice is alkaline and does not cause heartburn relapse. In addition to alkaline and not harmful to ulcer disease, citrus juice can also eliminate toxins in the digestive system, so it can reduce the risk of infection in the digestive system and avoid other diseases.