An Example of a three Day Diet Plan

When it comes to short term weight loss diets, the three-day diet plan is among the most popular programs. The problem with people using this scheme is that they gain weight later on as they resume to the normal diets. There are no miracles associated with the three-day diet plan but works on the principle of consuming food products with low and restricted calories. The three-day diet can also be referred to as Cleveland Clinic diet, the Navy Diet, the Army diet as well as well as the fax diet. The plan dates back to the 1980s. Common institutions that recommend this diet to their clients include the British Heart Foundation as well as the Cleveland Clinic.

Example of the three-day diet plan
Day 1
During the first day of a common three-day diet plan, it consists of three meals. They are the breakfast, lunch, and dinner with each consisting of different ingredients. The breakfast consists of black tea and coffee, a toasted piece served with a tablespoon of peanut butter. Some diets also consist of a half grapefruit. In some cases, natural sweeteners may be added to the coffee and tea. Also, the grapefruit can be substituted with grapefruit juice. The lunch, on the other hand, consists of a cup of tuna, tea or black coffee as well as dry toast. Like the breakfast, natural sweeteners are allowed with the tea. Supper consists of lean meat, carrots, apples as well as vanilla ice-cream. However, these products should be taken in the right amounts.

Day two
The breakfast of day two of the plan consists eggs, tea, and bananas. Artificial sweeteners are also allowed. As for lunch, it consists of cottage cheese and six crackers. Dinner consists of vanilla ice-cream, bananas, carrots, and broccoli. Where broccoli is hard to find, it can be substituted with cabbages. This meal also consists of two hot dogs.

Day three
Like the first and the second day, the third day consists of three meals. The breakfast, lunch, and dinner. Lunch allows a hardboiled egg, dry toast and a cup of black coffee. Breakfast, on the other hand, consists of one apple, coffee or tea, five Saltine brand crackers as well as cheddar cheese. Dinner consists of melon, vanilla ice cream, carrots, tuna, and cauliflower. The above-mentioned ingredients are the common ones that the most effective 3 day diet should have.

Increasing appetite
During a three day diet plan, your appetite is supposed to be at its best. This calls you to carry out several activities to maintain appetite. This included drinking a lot of water and getting enough sleep. The good thing about water is that it allows you to manage your hunger. Moreover, it has been shown that drinking sufficient water allows your body to burn calories in your body. You should drink at least six glasses of water every day during a three day diet plan. Concerning sleep, you should sleep at least six hours a day during the three day diet plan. This is a proven way of improving your appetite.