Atlanta’s Top 10 Healthy Places to Eat, Cleanse, and Be Healthy

I’ve lived in Atlanta for over 10 years, and I have visited dozens of health food store, wellness centers, restaurants, etc. I’m going to share with you my list of the best of the best places you should visit regularly to help you on your health and wellness journey. This list of places includes the best in customer service, value for your money, and overall wellness enhancing experiences:

1. Dekalb Farmers Market

3000 E Ponce De Leon Ave

Decatur, Georgia 30033

This is the best place to grocery shop in Atlanta. They have every fresh fruit and vegetable you can think of and the prices are the most competitive in and around the city. This place makes it affordable to eat healthy. I use to live in decatur, but even now that I live about 40 miles away, I still go to the farmers market to grocery shop. In addition to an extensive fruit and vegetable section, they also have a large natural meat section, seafood, and herb and spiced selection.

There is also a large selection of international foods, which is why you see people from all different nationalities shopping and working here. The Farmer’s Market is not just a grocery store, it’s a shopping experience!

*One thing to keep in mind is that they do not take credit cards, only debit cards, checks, and cash.

2. Jeju Sauna

3555 Gwinnett Pl Dr

Duluth, Georgia 30096

I love jeju! This is such a great oasis just north of Atlanta. I started going to Jeju, the Korean spa, several years ago when I was one of very few Americans who knew about it. Jeju is a spa and sauna that has a variety of sauna rooms made from different healthy and beneficial elements and minerals. They have rooms made out of rock salt, red clay, and amethyst/rose quartz. I usually go once a month and stay for hours. You pay $25, and you can stay as long as you want, up tp 24 hours. They also offer massage, body scrubs, and treatments you won’t find anywhere else in atlanta like their famous hip bath, but you have to pay extra for these.

A trip to Jeju feels like you’ve temporarily stepped out of the United States and into Korea. When you go, let them know it’s you’re first time and you’ll get a thorough tour of the facility, which also includes a jacuzzi, steam room, restaurant, and swimming pool. Drink plenty of water before and after you go to assist your body in detoxing.

3. North Georgia Mountains

You may be thinking, what’s this doing on the list? Well I’m constantly amazed at how many people have lived in Atlanta for years and haven’t made the 2 hour drive to the North Georgia Mountains. I have three words to describe this scenery: quiet, serene, and beautiful. It’s the perfect place to nurture yourself in the healing effects of nature. North Georgia is perfect for a day trip or weekend getaway. There’s horseback riding, beautiful waterfalls like Amicalola Falls and Anna Ruby Falls, parks, beautiful nature trails, white water rafting, and much more. I love to pack a lunch and spend the day in Unicoi State Park.

4. Midtown Atlanta Wellness Center

117 5th Street NE Suite 1

Atlanta, GA 30308-1313

If you are interested in losing weight, detoxing, this is an oasis right in the middle of the city! Whether you’re just starting your healing journey, or you’re a veteran, this is a must visit wellness center in Atlanta. They offer such a wide variety of wellness services like massage, colonics, weight-loss programs, hypnotherapy, and more!

On my first visit to MAWC, I got a colonic and a precolonic massage. I’ve gotten colonics before, but this was by far the best experience. The precolonic massage practically doubled my results. The atmosphere was relaxing and nurturing with waterfalls and soft music. It didn’t have that doctor’s office feel that so many of colonic centers have.

Dr. Pam, the owner, also offers a very detailed free nutritional consultation with every colonic to help you stay on the right track. I loved this place so much that I started working here!

5. Arden’s Garden

(There are several locations. This one’s my favorite)

1117 Euclid Avenue Northeast

Atlanta, GA

If you live in Georgia, you must try an Arden’s Garden juice. When you pick up an Arden’s Garden juice, and read the ingredients, you’ll see only real fruits and vegetables. No purees or concentrates. And Arden uses a pasteurizing system that leaves most of the nutritional value in tact.

Although the juices are sold in several different stores around the Atlanta area, a visit to the store is highly recommended. This is the only juice store in Atlanta where you can get a “grand slam,” which is 4, 1 oz shots of wheat grass, ginger, lemon, and cranberry. This combination of shots is highly detoxing and energizing at the same time. My favorite juices are Oops, Hot Shot, Cha-cha cherry, and Supergreen.

Also, if you’re interested in fasting, cleansing, and weight loss, check out the cleanse class, which is a supervised fast with the lovely & knowledgeable Arden Zinn herself.

6. Phoenix and Dragon

5531 Roswell Road NE

Atlanta,GA 30342

A great place to shop for sage, crystals, candles, books, music, and so much more. Phoenix and Dragon is my go to spot for spiritual tools. This is the perfect store if you’re ready to take your healing to the next level and really expand your thinking. This is the type of place you can sit and stay for hours just reading, exploring, and learning about different cultural healing traditions. Just go with an open mind and time to explore.

7. R. Thomas Deluxe Grill

1812 Peachtree Street, NW,

Atlanta, Georgia 30309

This restaurant is open 24 hours a day and has something for everyone: vegan, vegetarian, raw foodist, and carnivore. It’s one of my favorite restaurants to take a diverse group of eaters because everyone is happy. The food is delicious, and their drink menu is great too. You can get fresh juices, smoothies, and herbal teas. Try the blue moon, it’s my favorite latte on the menu. Or order a fresh coconut and enjoy coconut water straight from the source.

Another great bonus is you can eat breakfast, lunch, or dinner any time of day at R. Thomas.

8. Sevananda

467 Moreland Avenue NE

Atlanta, GA 30307

I shop at Sevananda regularly! They have the best bulk herb section I’ve seen in the city. You can get dried seaweed, bentonite clay, and any herb you can think of to make herbal baths, teas, and magic potions. You’ll also find premixed herbal teas from cellular regeneration to cancer fighting mixes. Sevananda also have a nice selection of essential oils, nutritional supplements, and vegetarian & vegan food.

9. Loving it Live

2796 East Point Street

East Point, GA 30344-3238

This is a raw, vegan restaurant that specializes in gourmet food. They have lasagna, sandwiches, tacos, brownies — just to name a few. All of their food is made without the use of a stove. Why would they do this? Well, it has been proven that food cooked on high temperatures become devoid of essential nutrients and enzymes needed for optimal cell functioning. There are several wonderful testimonials about the power of raw food to cure diabetes, cancer, and other ailments considered “incurable.”

I’m not a raw foodist or even a complete vegan, but I often visit Loving it Live when I need a nutritional boost. the food makes you feel amazing after just a couple of bites. My favorite dish is the tostadas and the green irish moss.

One note: the food takes time to prepare so either order ahead (there’s a menu on the website, Google the name) or go when you have some time on your hands.

10. Decatur Yoga and Pilates

431 West Ponce de Leon Ave.

Decatur, GA 30030

This is my favorite yoga studio in Atlanta. They offer classes at a variety of times throughout the day to accommodate even the busiest schedules. The hot yoga class is my favorite, but they also offer plenty of non-hot yoga and pilates classes. The teachers are great and the prices are affordable. To get started, you can pay $25 for unlimited yoga classes for one week.

Bonus I: World Peace Cafe

220 Hammond Drive #302

Sandy Springs, GA 30328

This is a great vegetarian restaurant located just off of Roswell Road in Sandy Springs (just north of Atlanta). It also has a pretty cool concept as it was built with donations and volunteers, and all of the cooks, servers, cashiers — everyone is a volunteer. The proceeds from the restaurant go toward increasing world peace within the community.

The food is also delicious!

Bonus II: Zen Tea

356 Peachtree Rd

Atlanta, Georgia 30341

This is a great tea house located in the Dunwoody area. They serve a large variety teas including green, white, black, red, herbal, and oolong. They also have great events like tea tasting on Fridays, live music, and meditation classes. This is the perfect Zen tea oasis. Enjoy a cup of tea at the cafe or grab some tea to make at home.

I wish I could include more, but that’s it for now!