Exercise Pools – Options and Considerations

Even though swim spas are hugely beneficial from a health and wellness perspective, they suffer from one major drawback. Namely, price. They are enormously expensive, running into the tens of thousands of dollars for initial purchase, thousands more for setup and installation, and then the ongoing maintenance costs once you’ve got it running (oh, and possibly additional costs for landscaping if that’s necessary to make the new addition blend seamlessly into your property).

Unfortunately, there aren’t a lot of options where financing help is concerned, either. True, various manufacturers may offer deals or special rates periodically, but you can’t really count on that. For example, a recent survey of Catalina swim spa reviews led me to discover that Catalina had just ended such a sale as I begin to write this piece, while investigating Michael Phelps swim spa options didn’t turn up much of anything where special pricing was concerned.

And while a number of studies have touted the benefits of swimming over every other form of exercise (including jogging and walking!), and include swimming as a recommended form of exercise for everything from increasing the chances of conception in women to easing the suffering of those with Fibromyalgia, very few insurance plans offer any sort of coverage or assistance when making the purchase of a swimming spa. A few specialty policies might, and with the recent changes brought about by the newly passed health care law in the United States, more companies may in the future, but at present your options there are quite limited. For example, none of the US government sponsored insurance (Medicare, Medicaid, and TRICARE, chiefly) offer any sort of assistance where purchasing such equipment is concerned.

There are some “workaround” options available. You could, for instance, modify an existing hot tub you may have, adding extra jets to approximate the experience. This is workable, and much less costly of course, but less than ideal.

Still, if it is something you can afford, and if you can catch a sale or special pricing deal, then a swimming spa would certainly be a fine addition to your home, not only for the health benefits described above, but also for the lasting value that such an addition will make to your property.