Five Ways Genes Can Affect Your Immunity

The body is an amazing instrument. There is so much about the human body that is still unknown, but no one can deny the body’s ability to surprise. For one, researchers found that genes play a huge role in the way the body responds to different viruses. The following are five ways that genes can affect the body’s ability to fight off an infection.

1. Viral Defense

One interesting finding is that certain genes are better at responding to viral diseases than others. This means that certain people’s immune system can kill off viral infections better than others. Usually, those who can deal with viruses better are also really good at keeping fungi under control.

2. Genes Could Cause a Weak Immune System

Many experts, like those at Med Embassy, have caught on to the fact that genes may give some people a disadvantage. The people who are susceptible to viral infections such as hepatitis c have to work on strengthening their immune system because their bodies may have a hard time destroying the virus, making it easy for the virus to take over the system. Of course, this is just one example of a virus that can overwhelm a body with disadvantageous genes.

3. Could Create an Immune System That is too Strong

Genes can give some people an advantage, but that does not mean everything is perfect. Some genes have done such a good job at empowering a person’s immune system that the white blood cells become too aggressive. This issue can lead to problems like an autoimmune disease. This is a medical problem associated with white blood cells attacking healthy cells within your body. The issue could get so bad that it can really hinder a person’s life. Lupus is an example of an autoimmune issue, which leads to painful inflammation. People with this issue may be able to fend off issues like cancer better, but the immune system is overactive.

4. DNA Could Predict an Issue

Scientists cannot use genes to predict certain issues, but they are getting close. This study opens up the door to another level of care that people have never seen before. Some doctors are working on being able to detect the specific differences in genes so that they can predict what infections you might be susceptible to in the future. This will allow you to take the right precautions. It is not like this concept is completely unprecedented since doctors have been using genetics to predict the likelihood of a person developing a particular illness if it runs in the family. The difference is that this discovery can lead doctors to a level of certainty about diseases that they do not have today.

5. Win Some and Lose Some

Just because a body is better at fighting off one issue does not mean everything works well for them. It might be kind of sad to hear, but those who have a strong immune system that helps them avoid heart problems might have to accept the fact that they are susceptible to things like Alzheimer’s and other issues similar to this one.

It is interesting to see how much medicine is advancing. There is no doubt that these findings hold some promise and could help improve the lives of people. Sure, not all the questions surrounding these findings have been answered, but it is only a matter of time before medicine will take another step forward. It seems like the advancements often seen in science fiction movies might become a reality sooner than later, which is exciting.