How Quickly Can You Get Whiter Teeth?

Coffee, tea, smoking, wine, juices, and some fruits all stain teeth over time. It seems a shame to give up some of your favorite habits and foods, but luckily, there are ways to counteract the damage these foods can do to your teeth. There are countless toothpaste and at-home treatments that promise whiter teeth in a matter of weeks, but you don’t always have the luxury of waiting that long. If you have an upcoming event or photo session, or perhaps just because you’re tired of looking at yellowing teeth in the mirror; you can get whiter teeth faster than you think.

One Hour Professional Job

Visit and schedule your one-hour in-office ultra-whitening session. Using state-of-the-art technology, the right cosmetic specialist is able to rely on light-activated gel to have you looking your best in 60 minutes or less. Other in-office treatments include gel trays on their own that typically take several sessions to achieve the best results; this light-activated gel works to make your teeth six to ten shades whiter after just one hour.

Follow Up

In the days after your treatment, your teeth will actually continue to grow whiter after you complete a special fluoride treatment at home. It may make the best sense to schedule your session several days before the special occasion you want whiter teeth for, but you’ll still be satisfied after the first one-hour session if you don’t have much time beforehand to plan ahead.

Keeping Whiter Teeth in the Long Term

The one-hour session is formulated to help your teeth stay resistant to stains for weeks or even months to come.While it’s always a good idea to reduce the foods, drinks, and habits that stain your teeth, at least with the in-office treatment and the proper follow-up, your teeth will stay whiter longer. Couple the treatment with basic whitening toothpaste or other at-home procedure and you may never need another in-office session again.

While it’s a good idea to eat healthier and practice habits that will decrease damage to your teeth, at least you know you can get ultra-white teeth in as little as an hour if you find the right cosmetic specialist. Don’t turn down invitations to a last-minute event because you know you’ll be afraid to smile and show off your teeth all night. Schedule an in-office whitening appointment as soon as possible and you’ll look great for the special occasion.