How to Properly Care For Your Child’s Smile

Along with their overall health, taking care of a child’s oral health is important. Healthy baby teeth lead to healthy adult teeth so a child ends up having a beautiful and healthy smile for life. It is important children see the dentist as often as they should so their oral health can be protected. In addition to the care provided by the dentist, the following information will help parents to ensure their child’s smile is kept healthy and strong.

Encouraging Proper Oral Care Practices

As a parent, it can be difficult making sure a child brushes and flosses as they should. Many parents are surprised to learn they should begin taking care of their child’s teeth before they even erupt from the gum tissue. After each feeding, a baby’s gums should be wiped with a wet soft cloth. This helps to remove the milk residue, encourage the teeth to cut through, and helps the child grow accustomed to dental care practices.

Until a child’s teeth begin to grow together, flossing will not be necessary. Once the child starts cutting a few teeth and the gaps between the teeth lessen, flossing will become important. Before a child reaches the age of five, it is important a parent brushes their teeth for them. After the age of five, the child can begin brushing their own teeth but should be supervised to ensure they use the proper technique.

The right toothpaste is important, depending on the age of the child. Babies and small children should not use Fluoride toothpaste as they may swallow the paste and become ill. Fluoride should only be introduced once the child is old enough to know they should not swallow their toothpaste.

Preventative Dental Care Is Important

A child needs to begin seeing the dentist around the age of one. Dentists recommend their patients are seen a couple of times a year so their tooth and gum health is protected. If it is time to schedule your child’s preventative care appointment, contact the dental office of Dr. Joan Laura. She and her staff provide the extensive dental care services patients need for healthy smiles.