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What Is Corrugated Packaging?

Corrugated boxes are very much the same to cardboards but the biggest difference they have is, corrugated package are durable and you don’t have to worry about damaging the goods. It is used widely for packaging in food industry mainly because of safety and quality of boxes as it’s made with eco friendly materials.

Sometimes, these boxes are referred to as brown boxes and used widely for packaging fresh fruits and vegetables. Say for example that you wonder which materials is used to make these boxes, it is actually made from fibrous pulp that is extracted from pine trees.

It is a lot cheaper for companies to use corrugated boxes as it is made from recycled cardboard boxes. Packaging companies are able to break down these boxes and methods used are like making corrugated boxes from the beginning. Not just that you can save cost when buying these boxes, you are also helping the environment.
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Another benefit of using these materials is that, it does not have sharp edges that might harm you while transporting these boxes or even when you are packing goods. It is also capable of handling pressure very well and stacking them up on each other is possible without worrying that the boxes will get damaged.
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These boxes are made from recycled paper as what stated earlier and thus, it is safe for the environment. And in the event that your company is headed to green technology, this will goes well for sure. In no way you are harming the environment as the materials used to manufacture these boxes are organic. In creating corrugated packaging, there are no harmful chemicals used in the process.

Corrugated boxes come with smooth surfaces so you can easily print label stickers and then stick it on them. Not only that you can give the packaging company easy time to properly label it, it can be ideal for branding for your packaging as well. Remember that these boxes are also made with long lasting materials and may be used for a long time. With this in mind, so long as you’re using this and out in the market, it can give you good marketing strategy. As a matter of fact, printing your company name, logo, phone number and even website address right on the packaging labels won’t be a problem.

By making use of corrugated packaging, rest assure that all goods in it are delivered in quality condition. This is due to the reason that the packaging have 3 or more layers of cardboard and you can pack products easily in a compact manner.