Isagenix Reviews – Learn the Truth About This MLM Company

If you are combing the internet looking for Isagenix reviews, you are really looking to find out if this company is legit, if their products do what they say they do, and if their compensation plan can make you decent money from home. The problem with most Isagenix reviews is they are written by associates who want you to join the company, and thus are very biased. In this review we will look at the company, products, and compensation plan and you will learn the truth behind Isagenix.

Isagenix Reviews – The Company

Isagenix was started back in 2002 by John Anderson and is based in Chandler, AZ. It is in the nutrition and weight loss industry and markets its products through a network marketing, direct selling model. Since its beginning it has grown quite rapidly and in 2010 had made more than 1 billion and accumulated over 200,000 representatives in at least 8 countries. John Anderson has been in the mineral and supplement business since the 1980’s, and has made products for more than 600 companies, he is the brains behind the Isagenix products. His co-founders Jim and Kathy Coover brought extensive network marketing experience to the table, so the company does seem to have a solid foundation of leadership and experience.

Isagenix Reviews – The Products

The core Isagenix products are their 9 and 30 day cleanse programs. They are designed to both help you flush impurities and toxins out of the body, lose weight, and replace what you have lost with healthy nutrients. The idea is that the impurities can get in the way of your body’s natural ability to break down fat, so when you flush them away and add more healthy nutrients your body will process fat more efficiently and you will shed pounds. Like other cleanse programs it is a balance of cleansing, replenishing, and even some fasting. You are likely to lose weight, but the question is will it stay off. To be successful you will have to plan to continue cleansing in the future. The program is very expensive, and while there are many retail customers, the primary customers are the associates who also promote the products.

Other products in the Isagenix range support rejuvenation, nutrition and skin care. Their range includes, to name just a few, IsaLean Shakes, the Natural Accelerator, SlimCakes, Soups, Bars, “Snacks!”,, IsaPro, and a Multi-Enzyme Complex.

Isagenix Reviews – The Compensation Plan

Isaenix operates a typical binary compensation plan. That means that when you recruit others to join the business you have two places underneath you to fill. If you can more than two people you these will overflow into the spots below the first two, and so on. The real benefit to a binary comp plan is that you truly make money as a team. You benefit from the work of those below you as they grow their business, and the work of those above you, as their “spill-over” means they will have to place people under you. You get paid on the overall business volume of one side of your organization, as this is overall, it doesn’t stop at a certain level, but is infinite levels deep. This seems impossible, but it is done through income caps. There is a limit to how much you can earn depending on what level you have achieved in the company.

Binary comp plans are responsible for the largest checks in the industry today, but it does take work. You have to “balance” your organization as you are only paid for the weaker half of you team (i.e. the right or left side). But the good news is Isagenix don’t only pay the binary compensation, there are other ways to earn as well: through retail sales, product introduction bonuses, team bonuses, matching check bonuses, autoship rewards, and incentives.

Isagenix Reviews – The Bad News

So as you can see from the above Isagenix reviews it really is a solid company, with strong leadership, and products that work and that people believe in. So what’s the downside? Well, there are two pieces of bad news. The health and wellness industry is very, very crowded. It can be incredibly hard to stand out and get people to join with you when every other company claims their products are the best and they ALL have scientific proof to back up their claims.

The second problem is the marketing. Most Isagenix associates have no idea how to market a business, so they can’t get people to join and they run out of cashflow and leads for their business fast. Approaching friends and family, doing home presentations, and getting people to try your product simply does not work in this day and age.