Law of Attraction: Secret To A Happier, Healthier and Longer Life

The Law of Attraction (LoA) is a fundamental philosophy that states you tend to attract the things into your life that you focus on. This means staying focused on positive and good elements such as wealth, prosperity or relationships will bring them to you. While if think about the negative then that is what comes to you.

Making Law of Attraction Work For A Better Life

Here is how this universal law exactly works:

Like tends to attract like. When you are happy, enthusiastic, appreciative, passionate and excited then you begin to send positive energy. On the contrary, an anxious, bored, sad or resentful person will be sending negative energy. The universe responds to these energies equally, without deciding which one is better from the other. You always get back only what you have sent there.

What you feel and think is a form of request that is being made to the universe to provide more of similar energy. Because the vibrations are able to attract these energies back to same frequencies and you have to ensure that you are constantly sending out feelings, thoughts and energy that resonate what things you want. The frequency of your energy should be tuned with the experiences or kind of life that you aspire to attract. For a longer life filled with happiness and joy, you must create vibrational frequencies of joy and happiness.

The technique is based on five core pillars:

  • Your thoughts will always determine what your desires are
  • Dream big and embrace infinite possibilities
  • Stick only to positive affirmations
  • Have clarifications about your goal
  • Use a board vision to attract the sources required for achieving your dreams.

How To Use Law of Attraction For A Longer Life?

Now that you’ve understood the principles of this law and the way it works, you can practice this to witness the wonders that it has to offer. To do this, there are three important steps that must be followed and these are:

  1. Ask Only What You Want

The thoughts that are sent to the universe either consciously or subconsciously come from everywhere, what you talk, think, read or even pay attention to. You should realize that most of the times the attention given is random and never deliberate. According to the law, you will get all that you focus, give the energy or attention to, be it wanted or not.

For living a longer stress free life, you have to be more deliberate about it. This makes you intentional about the thoughts that are being offered to the universe and at the same time you need to practice the emotions that you might experience once you’ve achieved it. The more is the focus, the faster you will be able to manifest your goals and dreams.

  1. Believe That You Are Going To Get It

Positive expectancy is the key component of the law. Basically, it means that you nurture a belief that your future will certainly be just the way you have thought of it. Yet, this becomes difficult for people with limiting beliefs. If you consider yourself one of them, then transform them into thoughts of desire, deserving, capable and worthy.

Once you have given into the belief of a healthier and longer life then the final part of the process is the real action. In this case, eating balanced diet, exercising daily, avoiding unhealthy fats and keeping stress levels on check. Taking the actions can produce results that affirms your belief that what you need is within your reach.

  1. Receive What You Want

For receiving the energy from the universe you have to be the perfect match for the life, relationships and financial success that you want in your life. One of the simplest way is to create emotions of gratitude, containment or love every single day. These can be created from your thoughts, as thoughts tend to shape your feels all the time, hence its essential to remind yourself when emotions become negative and make them positive.

Like any other technique, even LoA requires a good amount of practice and time. However, putting in your conscious efforts would help in attracting an ideal life at a much faster pace.