Most Famous Foods in Semarang

Semarang city is the capital of Central Java provision. Many domestic airlines such as Garuda Indonesia and Lion Air and international airlines like Silk Air which provides flights to Semarang.

The town is at a glance looks mediocre and less audible than the Solo and Yogyakarta, but actually a lot of things to do in Semarang.

Vacation to a place it feels incomplete without tasting the typical cuisine of the area. Especially if you are a long holiday weekend in Semarang. For culinary matters, you should try the typical food like lumpia Semarang typical use of bamboo shoots and Soto Kuhl. The city is known for having food and drink typical that can spoil the tongue. Here are five favorite culinary typical Semarang.

Lumpia Mini

Not hard to find lumpia mini in Semarang because these foods are from this city. The spring rolls are foods that contain shrimp or chicken meat mixed with eggs and young bamboo shoots. There are two types of spring rolls, spring rolls, namely wet and dry spring rolls. The spring rolls are usually served with a sauce of pink and given a sprinkling chunks of garlic, cayenne pepper, and young onions.

Gimbal Tofu

Gimbal tofu is a typical food Semarang which consists of fried tofu, dreadlocks, tempeh, bean sprouts, shredded cabbage and sprinkled with peanut sauce. Typical of these is out gimbal gimbal itself. Gimbal is a kind of fried bakwan containing fried shrimp dry, with flavors blend of savory, sweet, and spicy.

tripe Gongso

Gongso tripe is a food such as pieces of tripe and other offal, such as liver, spleen, lungs or iso, cooked with seasoning sauce is thick. Sweet and spicy flavors are tasted, and the meat is very tender tripe that makes this food very much. Gongso famous tripe in Semarang is at Fried Rice Pak Karmin, Jl Pemuda (Side Bridge Mberok), Semarang.

wingko Tripe

Wingko is one of the specialties most famous Semarang. Wingko ulenan made of glutinous rice and coconut burned. It was savory and is now available a variety of flavors, ranging from young coconut, jackfruit, durian chocolate up. Almost every souvenir shop in Semarang sell this food.

Ice Cong Lik

Ice cong lik has ten flavors are fresh and guaranteed without preservatives. Some flavors are chocolate, soursop, kopyor, lychee, longan, cantaloupe, green bean, durian and avocado.

That was some of the typical Semarang culinary that you should try. may be useful.