Oolong Tea – The Middle Ground

Oolong Tea is the middle ground between green and black. Green tea is unoxidized, and the black variety is oxidized. All of these drinks though are made from the Camellia sinensis plant. Both green and black varieties have health benefits, though green tea benefits are more studied and understood. An amazing part of oolong tea is the rainbow of colors available. Tea colors range from yellow to orangish and then a reddish brown.

Benefits. But for example, if you add sugar to your green tea, you may negate the weight loss benefits.

Oolong can be scented, and one type of scent is with Jasmine flowers. The tea leaves are steamed with Jasmine leaves to acquire the scent.

Oolong contains polyphenols, and these have been studied as being effective in controlling obesity. Both rats and humans have been tested and given high calorie diets, and the tea was found to help control weight and the storage of extra calories as subcutaneous fat.

Tea is not a miracle cure. To be clear, do not think you can have a huge amount of excess calories, and simply drink two or three cups of this magical potion a day, and maintain your current weight. Tea is a health habit, and it will help you lose weight, but estimates range from five to ten pounds a year. Think about that when you compare the effects of drinking sodas, or not performing exercise, and drinking tea to make up for it. Yes, I believe that this is a healthy beverage, and when compared with a neutral drink, you will gain benefits.