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Difference between Photo Blanket and Quilt types

A a large piece of fabric cut into a rectangle shape designed with some pictures and images of different designs is known as a photo blanket.You can use a photo blanket to cover yourself in the night, as abed cover or even as a house decoration.In the recent past people have used photo blankets cloths that said something about people, things or even symbols just to tell a story or show something historical about it.

Today photo blankets and quilts are used in homes for image display, d?cor purposes, to give warmth inside or outside the house and in some cases, people use it as a gift for weddings, birthdays and even Christmas.Home d?cor in a photo blanket and quilt world is a collective word for purposes like furniture coverings, door mat designs and wall decors among others.Photo blankets were invented as long as the fabrics were invented.For the longest time people have learned to use photo blankets to tell stories, as a form of art and even the best way to honor the dead.

Photo blankets are divided into three categories.These include the knitted photo blankets, dyed photo blankets, and even the woven photo blankets.The most complex type of the three is the woven photo blanket.The jacquard loom is responsible for the process as it has digital software responsible for scanning and creating patters in picture creation.A number of colored yarns are made, but they interlace at ninety degrees difference which in turn creates the end product of the woven photo blanket.

Afghan photo blanket and the tapestry photo blanket are the two examples of the category of wooden photo blankets. There will be two different yarns with two different diameters in the tapestry wooden photo blanket. There is no difference in the diameter size of the yarns that make up the afghan wooden photo blanket.Combination of the different warp which is made of different colored yarns that make up the accurate product.

The knitted photo blanket is made with a machine using the same scanning process which ensures that the yarns are knitted together using the loop technique.The thing about this knitting process is the fact that it has limited colors as compared to the latter process because of the loops formed in the process.Today you will notice that a lot of people use the dyed photo blanket as compared to the others.This is simply made by modern machines which simply paste dyes on fabrics from the digital pictures.This will simply help you to create the many types of picture collage blankets and quilts that you could need.The biggest advantage of this type of photo blanket is its quality and clarity in as much as the images are in question.

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