Social Operate Theory and Observe – Making the Inbound links

Our practical experience is that numerous learners on the social perform diploma can be intimidated by the word ‘theory’. This promptly inhibits helpful finding out about theory. Theory in social perform is about how we relate to other individuals and how we make sure that we are giving helpful solutions. It is significant that theory is not viewed as the preserve of teachers or senior social employees. By comprehension and implementing theory to social perform practice our perform with services buyers can become far a lot more helpful and particular person centred.

A lot of persons feel that theory is some thing purely academic, with no backlink to “authentic life”. A lot of social perform learners address theory at college, but start out their practice finding out practical experience intimidated by the thought of how to apply theory to their practice and especially concerned about how to demonstrate the one-way links they have manufactured in their assignments and reflective accounts..

Observe finding out is about relating the suggestions discovered in University to the practice placing. However, in get to backlink theoretical expertise to practice, learners have to have a agency grasp of the point that theory is some thing most people employs just about every working day in social perform and that theory has a distinct backlink to common sense/what is effective/authentic life or whichever the phrase of option is. Without having this, theory can become some thing which looks summary and this develops the thought that theory is some thing you discover at University and then ignore when you enter the “authentic earth” of perform.

The Prerequisites for Social Operate Schooling point out that all social perform programmes need to:

“Make certain that the instructing of theoretical expertise, expertise and values is dependent on their application to practice.” (Department of Health 2002)

Whilst the primary features of social perform theory will be taught in the University placing, practice finding out is about you transferring your expertise and implementing theory to your practice, and you will have to have to demonstrate that you can make the one-way links in your written perform.

What is theory?

It is our view that social employees in the area and social perform learners on placement are implementing theory just about every working day. However, they may possibly not realise it, and they may possibly not be equipped to describe the theory or name it.

Theories in social perform are almost nothing a lot more than an try to clarify conditions and social interactions. Theories have been formulated due to the fact it became distinct that there ended up equivalent designs or repeating cycles of conduct each in an individual’s life and in the lives of heaps of distinct persons. Because theories have been expressed by teachers and social scientists, they usually use an academic language. Will not allow that set you off. Theories are life dressed up! A lot of theories in fact have a very straightforward, available concept even if you in some cases have to seem outside of the jargon.

There has been some debate about what in fact constitutes a theory. Frequently, a theory assists to clarify a condition and maybe how it arrived about. In science, a theory is viewed as helping to:

** describe (eg: what is happening?)
** clarify (eg: why is it happening?)
** predict (eg: what is possible to materialize next?)

Occasionally theories are also viewed as helping to manage a condition and convey about adjustments.

Social Operate Theory and Observe Mastering

In supervision discussion, placement assignments, portfolios and so forth you have to have to be equipped to describe the condition you are working with, clarify why you feel this arrived about, what you can do to convey about transform and so forth. In carrying out so, you will be drawing on some form of theory. You may possibly, nonetheless, not constantly be aware of this.

When you are looking at theory, we would urge you to:

1. Recognise that no single theory can clarify almost everything: When a particular person engages in an action (or inaction) the purpose for their conduct can be rooted in a range of will cause or motives.

2. Similar to the initial level, recognise that some theoretical ways just never perform with some persons. Applying Brief Resolution Targeted Remedy can be truly helpful with some persons. For other persons, it leaves them chilly.

three. Get a essential method to theory. If it will not “perform”, why not? Can you adapt features such that it is practical?

four. Often apply the worth foundation to theory – considerably of the theory used in social care practice and social perform is drawn from outside the house of the occupation. Theory may possibly have its roots in instruction, psychology or management. As such, it may possibly not integrate social perform values and you ought to consider duty for implementing these

five. And ultimately, in no way be intimidated by theory. You use it just about every working day.

Why do we have to have to apply social perform theory to practice?

Whilst individual social perform theories have distinct reasons, working with all sorts of theory in our perform delivers us, as social employees, some significant points.

** Theories can enable us to make sense of a condition. Utilizing theory, we can produce suggestions about what is likely on, why points are as they are and so forth. For case in point the details received as element of an assessment can appear like a jumble of details – implementing theory can enable “make sense” of the details.

** Utilizing theory can enable to justify actions and clarify practice to services buyers, carers and society in normal. The aim is that this will lead to social perform turning into a lot more commonly accountable and finally a lot more highly regarded.

** In perform with men and women, producing use of the theories which may possibly relate to their certain condition will give us a lot more direction in our perform with them.

** Utilizing theory can give an clarification about why an action resulted in a specific consequence. This can enable us assessment and quite possibly transform our practice in an try to make the repercussions a lot more helpful.

It is distinct then, that theory is significant in practice – each for perform with services buyers and for social perform to be a lot more valued in society.