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Overcoming Anxiety – The Medication Free Way

We live in times where the use of medication seems to be increasing with every rising of the sun. The first thing that comes to mind are pills more so for persons that suffer anxiety from time to time. This is the wrong way to go around this considering there are medication free alternatives in the 21st century. Talked about in the article here are is more information about this.

Experts advocate for exercise now that research shows that people that don’t do so are prone to anxiety disorders. If you are wondering how anxiety and exercise are connected, realize that being active helps the body release neurotransmitters that help in keeping you in good spirits. Exercise has also been seen to wipe out stress hormones that play a major role in triggering anxiety. Should you wish for mental health that is topnotch, you can never go wrong with exercising.

Nutrition is something you cannot afford to overlook as it is among the effective stress fighters. Anxiety is likely to always knock at your door when you are deficient of the mineral magnesium. It is rather unfortunate that this mineral is stripped off from most foods due to the manner they are processed. Talk to your doctor today and he/she will tell you if your body is in dire need of magnesium supplements.

Breathing exercise will come in handy under these circumstances. Hyperventilation is something that people prone to panic attacks are all too familiar about and the good thing is that breathing exercise helps in calming the body and thus reduce chances of hyperventilation happening. Breath-in slowly via the nose and exhale via pursed lips and you can be sure that anxiety symptoms will be wiped out thanks to attaining an ideal carbon dioxide balance.

This might seem unorthodox but shouting could be the secret to helping you keep anxiety at bay. Do yourself a favor and only do this while at a private place failure to which folks might start judging you for all the wrong reasons. Shouting will ensure that you let out all the stress that is pent up. You could as well punch pillows as this is a fun activity that will ensure stress gets no breathing space.

You are also encouraged to figure out things that get you anxious. As you go through the day, note down thoughts that stress you as this will help you know what you need avoid. It is on the same note that you need take note of happy triggers and aim at incorporating them more into your life. Knowing of the do’s and don’ts will make sure you are always on track.