The Clinton News Network Or CNN Is Losing Viewers By The 10s Of Millions Due To Reporting Bias

With less than 80 days left until the 2016 Presidential Election CNN and the rest of the left-wing media is purporting high polling numbers for Hillary Clinton and stacking their commentators and interviewees with hardened pro-Clinton bias. Unfortunately, the viewers of these networks are tuning out. At first the networks assumed it was due to the 2016 RIO Olympics, but now they see it wasn’t only the Olympics infringing on their previously solid viewership ratings – it’s also due to the fact that their fake polls and attempts at leftist brain-washing. Lesson to the leftist networks; “you cannot fool most of the people most of the time” for long.

Has socialism in the United States lost its luster, or is the country so divided that the far-leftists are so far left that the middle of the road Democrats are abandoning their game? Or, is there more to it, where the rank and file Democrats aren’t going for the political correctness agenda or the ‘Vote for the First Woman President’ motif? Maybe it’s all of things plus, the Clinton’s baggage and skeletons, or their health issues? Have the left-wing media pushed their agenda a bridge too far even for their most ardent, forgiving and apologetic Democrat supporters.

Why are Democrat Voters giving up on Hillary? Why is the media giving Hillary extra juice, is it just because of her campaign’s huge media advertising buys? Yes, it is 100s of millions of dollars and the Hillary Campaign has now raised half of their goal; 1/2 of a Billion Dollars. Still, one has to ask; why is it not working? Note to Hillary: They Just Aren’t That Into You!

The Hillary Campaign continues to try to label the competition; Racists, Bigots, Belligerent and all the rest – while continually letting radicals on the left like Black Lives Matter a free pass in their activities. The hypocrisy and catch-22 political agenda is so obvious it is turning off the middle of the road Democrats – which Hillary herself claims to be a part of. With mixed messages, double-standards and ‘gotcha politics’ it’s getting harder and harder to support the Clinton Campaign regardless of how much money they have in their political war chest.

Indeed, Hillary Clinton’s campaign propaganda is not working – apparently the American Voter isn’t quite as ignorant as the elitist socialists and their handlers believe them to be – which is a good thing – even if having a woman as president might be a nice touch for our Republic. Think on this.