Tips for staying warm In the bedroom with your spouse

An intimate routine can help boost the immune system, increase libido, help improve bladder control in women, and is associated with a decrease in blood pressure. To get these benefits, you need warm and healthy intimate tips.
After a few years of marriage, of course there are times when sex is normal, some even feel bored. But do not worry because you can make sense for this routine activity back warm, such as taking hammer of thor pills. This pill is from natural ingredients, so it is safe to consume and healthy, can make dick bigger, sex longer, feeling better.
Tips for sex in order to make your relationship and spouses again differentiated based on the efforts of men and women.
Tips Related to Intimate for Men
In sex, men are generally faced by one same problem, namely premature ejaculation. For those who do not experience premature ejaculation also want to make sex last longer. Do the following things to make your lovemaking takes longer and fun:
Always start with foreplay
A woman’s desire does not come as fast as a man. Therefore, do not do foreplay only when already in bed. During the day, you are advised to start doing intimate things, such as holding hands, hugging, kissing, and doing fun things together. Women will more easily enjoy sex if men feel always appreciate, give a sense of security, and comfort for himself.
Do different things
Next intimate tips are always trying to do different things with the couple. In this case, women are very dependent on mood, so that you do not necessarily like it at this time. Do something different, then notice the response.
Ask for pairing hints
Intercourse will feel more memorable if based on cooperation between the two sides, namely husband and wife. Avoid feeling already know the desire of the couple. Instead, ask for clues by asking about her wishes. If you take the initiative to do something, do not hesitate to ask the result to the couple.
Penetration is not the main way
Many men think penetration is the main way of giving orgasm to women. In fact, as many as 80 percent of women can not get orgasm only with penetration. In fact, in general women will be easier to reach orgasm through oral sex. For some couples, oral sex can prove to be a fun variation.
Tips for You and Couple
In addition to tips for husband and wife, there are also tips for both. These tips are activities that you can do together, whether when going to have sex or while undergoing daily activities. Here are the tips.
Messaging intimate
Always trying to show each other an affectionate attitude, not only when will have sex. Communicating over the phone or sending short messages with spoiled words will make your feelings and your partner better.
Sharing fantasies
Each person has a different fantasy or desire in sex. Do not hesitate to tell each other’s fantasies to then be done together.
Massaging each other
Gentle and relaxing massage will make the skin and nerves feel relaxed. Massaging each other slowly can be an option for foreplay. Accustomed to massage each other that does not aim for foreplay will help to maintain the closeness of your feelings with your partner.
No need to rush into starting an intimate relationship. You and your partner will get the best sex when done lovingly and in an unhurried atmosphere.
Now you already know tips on sex to keep the bed warm. One more thing to keep in mind is to do it safely. Being faithful to a legitimate couple will protect you from the risk of sexually transmitted diseases.