Unconventional Methods to Terminate Pregnancy

Many people still consider abortion a taboo not only in the society, but in most communities as well. Even clinical abortion, which is handled mostly by medical professionals with sufficient educational background and experience in such form of medical surgery and who are well-considered qualified to facilitate such operation, does hardly meet the requirements of the law’s demand for ethical standards, and the faithful’s belief for morality. And so, for people who have dared themselves to consider the option see abortion clinics as elusive places to seek help from. Some women take the matter into their own hands; they learn to try the unconventional ones, risking their health – and even their lives and of the lives they carry in their wombs.

Herbal Abortion

One form of abortion that is not very common to all is the intake of herbal medicine which is said to induce miscarriage. It is a very subtle way of terminating pregnancy. This method was commonly used during the ancient times when women had more power in the family, when women had the final say about their rights to abortion or pregnancy. Herbs used are, of course, not sold in pharmacies but are distributed through underground businesses. Nowadays, in the patriarchal world that we live in today, the said practice is not widely used anymore due to the emergence of more competent and technological procedures in abortion clinics.

With regards to this traditional method, it must be done as early as menstruation is suspended until the fourth week of pregnancy. Failed herbal abortion may cause birth defects to babies. That’s why abortion done in licensed abortion clinics is still preferable (despite it being controversial) than the others.

Menstrual Extraction

It is given that not everyone knows about this method. From the title of this article itself, it is unconventional. This method was rarely taken advantaged by women because of the sensitivity of the topic. The procedure seemed so elusive. So how does menstrual extraction work?

This process was discovered in the 1970s before abortion was officially legalized. Aside from terminating pregnancy, it also suspends menstruation for women who want to spend romantic moments with their partners. All the mentioned effects happen through the use of the Del-Em menstrual extraction kit discovered by Carol Downer and Lorraine Rothman, founders of the Feminist Women’s Health Center. They support abortion rights of women. Since abortion was not yet legalized that time, the procedure wasn’t done inside abortion clinics. Instead, they were done in the health centers they initiated to organize.

Just like herbal abortion, menstrual extraction can only be performed during the first two months of pregnancy. Also, the said procedure cannot be done alone, but with the help of someone who is familiar of the extraction.

Among the mentioned unconventional methods of abortion and the one that we have today in our community, clinical abortion still remains to be the safest pregnancy termination method there is for women. A woman who seeks help from people working in licensed abortion clinics are assured of protection in terms of emotional and physical health, and privacy included.