What You Need to Know About Cavities

You’ve heard about them, and you may have even had one in your life. However, do you really know everything that there is to know about cavities? Do you know what causes them, what the treatment is, how to prevent them and how to notice if you have one? Dentists in Brooklyn want to educate you about cavities, including their causes, how to prevent them and how they can be treated.

A Look at Cavities

Here’s a look at some important things to know about cavities.

Causes. Bacteria is the cause of tooth decay. It is not uncommon to find bacteria in the mouth, in fact, it is normal. This bacteria changes the food you consume into acid, which combines with your salvia and sticks to the teeth. This is known as plaque, and if it is not removed, it begins to decay the teeth.

Signs and Symptoms. The signs of cavities include aches and pains in the tooth, as well as the visual sign of a hole, or a dark spot, on your tooth.

Detecting Tooth Decay. Cavities can be detected in their early stages, before they progress, during a routine dental exam. X-rays of the teeth are taken, which show signs of cavities before they become visible to the naked eye. Your dentist will also examine your teeth with a special tool to look for signs of pitting or softness in the surface of the teeth.

Treatment for Cavities. When tooth decay is detected, it needs to be treated as soon as possible to avoid further damage. If caught early enough, this treatment will involve the filling of the cavities. If the decay has progressed too far, a crown or even a root canal will be needed.

Taking proper care of your teeth, including regular brushing and routine trips to the dentist, will ensure that your teeth stay in great shape and free of cavities.