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Why There’s a Need to Know Machine Learning, Internet of Things and Artificial Intelligence. Machine learning is a field, actually, a subfield of computer science which as defined by one person, gives computers the ability to learn with no need of being programmed. In 1958, machine learning terminology was created. The two main fields of artificial intelligence, namely pattern recognition and computational learning are extensively used in this field. It explores the study as well as the construction of algorithms which can learn and also make predictions depending on the available data. The use of a computer is the backbone of machine learning. It however should not be confused with computational statistics in as much as they are closely related. IOT is the interconnection that there is among the various devices available for our daily uses. Smart devices and electronics in a building are some of the things that constitute an IOT. IOT works on the premise of bringing together devices for purposes of data sharing. there is need to create access controls for devices that need to be used in IOT. This therefore brings about opportunities for direct integration of the physical world into computer based systems, thus increasing accuracy, efficiency, and other economic benefits. There are estimates by experts that in the year 2020, internet of things will comprise of 30 billion objects.
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Artificial intelligence is the kind of intelligence that is found in things that are artificial as opposed to that exhibited by natural living things. It can also be loosely defined as when machines imitate cognitive functions which are normally associated with our human minds like solving problems and learning. Such learning can involve a machine learning and understanding human speech, competing in high-level games such as chess with humans, simulations in military training and others like taking part in autonomous cars.
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All these three fields in computer science are closely related. This close relation has also led to the dependence on each other for efficiency in work. Thus, there is no way artificial intelligence is going to work without Internet of Things and Machine Learning. These three fields are currently the most researched as they are pushing technology changes with a buzz. This is especially because of how they can be essential in predicting crimes and accidents. They are also useful in enabling optimized productivity across the many industries that we have. We currently have plenty of firms that are offering consulting services in these three areas. This is especially because of the need for automation in each and every industry. There is therefore a need for industries to adapt to the three fields as it is the only way that technology is heading. The only way companies are going to make it in the market is by making use of the three fields.