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About The Different Forms of T- shirt Printing

T- shirts come in a lot of designs and colors. This has made it easy to find varied types of t- shirts in the market. If you are a young man try to get a collection of the various t- shirts. There are a variety of printing types for t- shirts. There are modern, traditional and customized types of printing. Consideration of the printing type you like should be done prior to buying one that it is the right fit.

Lets start with the modern digital printing. In this type of printing, designs are printed directly on the garments. This printing type relates how an inkjet printer works and it is still a new concept. The advantage of this is that high resolution prints are used. The t- shirts are printed with detailed images. Digital t- shirt printing makes soft prints on the t- shirts. Artworks that have gradients, tones, and different shadings are best when this type of printing is used. These prints are affordable and long lasting. The type of printing makes one- off designs possible.

A professional finish is usually the result. Traditional screen printing is another type of printing. This is considered the best way of printing t- shirts. A template and stencil effect is created by this type of printing. While printing is done, a screen is held in place. Silk screens were used previously but now a nylon mesh is the one that is used.
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The screen is usually flooded with ink. A squeegee is used to press down the paint to make sure that all parts of the shirt get enough ink. Once the design is painted, the screen is removed. Drying or curing of the paint follows suit. With this type of printing companies can do mass production. The other benefits are t-shirts can be printed in different colors, same design prints can be done multiple times and the printing. This printing type is known as Customized printing. Everyone is able to buy t- shirts they desire with customized printing. Specialized machines do the work during printing. A logo, your face or any tag lines can be printed using the specialized machines. People prefer customized t-shirt printing for gifting purposes. T- shirts that are customized can be made using special photos that can be very memorable to a person.
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This method of printing is used by companies to print t-shirts according to their dressing codes. From the above printing forms you can select one that is most suitable to you and your preferences.