Women and Saunas

In a luxurious sauna women and men alike can sit back, socialize, be themselves and relax. All of these are wonderful for your outlook and health, not to mention friendships. But beyond just being social or relaxing for a man or woman sauna can also have other benefits that are happening without you even knowing it. While the steam penetrates your muscles to relax them and even help repair strains and sprains, there are other things going on underneath the surface.

While enjoying sauna women tend to sweat as much if not more than men. That is because women tend to retain more water than men, especially right before and during her monthly menstrual cycle. It is here that a sauna has a lot of extra benefits for a woman. Sauna, when used during her menstrual cycle, can help shed the extra water weight gain that plagues many women during this time of month. It also can help alleviate the uterine cramps and/or back aches that are often associated with PMS (Pre-Menstrual Syndrome).

In a sauna women also shed toxins that can build up in their bodies. The reasons for these toxins are numerous- illness, smoking, stress, environment and many other factors can all contribute to this. The steam of a sauna can be therapeutic by releasing these toxins. This is also good news for menopausal women. Women who no longer have a monthly cycle or an intermittent one have one less way to rid their bodies of toxins. While on her period a woman often sheds toxins through the blood flow. But without this monthly cleansing, some toxins can stay in the body. Menopausal woman sauna to help get rid of some of these harmful chemicals and arguably enjoy this type of cleansing more.

While in the sauna women tend not to think of these alternate effects. Instead, they focus on how good the sauna feels on their skin or their tired, achy muscles. If a woman is particularly active and/or athletic, this may be especially true. But they rarely realize that being in a sauna also helps with their nervous system. The steam in a sauna stimulates parts of the central nervous system, making sure to keep this important system functioning properly.

Woman sauna benefits also include gland stimulation. The pituitary and adrenal glands, as well as the ovaries, are positively stimulated. Some believe this can lead to increased fertility, while others think it helps ease symptoms of not only PMS but also menopause while doing so.

But all health claims aside, the most important thing is that while in a sauna women feel good. The physical benefits to the reproductive, nervous and glandular systems are only part of enjoying the experience. If a woman is relaxing and de-stressing or even detoxing, these things will have an immediate and tangible effect that is worth the price of admission into a spa or health club to use them.