Wrongful Death Case: Factors Considered When Determining the Settlement Value

A wrongful death is a case where an individual is sued for the death of another person. The case can either be a homicide, suicide, or accidental. The accident that occurs owing to carelessness or negligence of another individual falls in this area.

According to CDC, about 33,804 traffic-related deaths occurred in the United States of America in the year 2013. In the same year and in the same country, about 38, 851 unintentional poisoning deaths happened.

There are several factors and variables that can determine the outcome of a wrongful death lawsuit. Seeking help from a Rockford Wrong Death Attorney will not only help you know more about these factors but will also help you acquire up-to-date and accurate information.

If you want to pursue a wrongful death claim, you will need to know more about the factors that affect this kind of claim. Knowing why and how they affect civil claims is also important. The number of these types of factors may vary depending on the details involved. See the discussion of these factors below.

  • Losses and Damages Attributed to the Deceased

Recoverable damages and the claimants involved are some of the factors that can have an impact on the worthiness of a death case. The wrongful death of an individual who is childless, single, and unemployed will be different from that of a married individual with children of ages 6,2,8, and 6.

  • Jurisdiction and the Venue of the Case

A jury in a place that is sparsely-populated will definitely judge the worthiness of a case in a way that is different to a jury in an urban place. It is important to understand that the laws of your state can make proving the case either harder or easier for you. There are also trial courts that move cases fast while others can take several years.

  • The Reputation and the Skills of Your Attorney

Some attorneys have dealt with several wrongful deaths many times. This means that they clearly understand the nuances and the status associated with these kinds of claims. In simple words, the skills of the lawyer you hire will have a great impact on the value to be placed on your claim.

  • How “Good” or “Bad” The Deceased Was

If the deceased person was a “good” individual, the value of the settlement can be relatively high. The relationship of the deceased person to his family and friends can also affect the outcome of the case.

  • The Amount of Insurance Coverage

The wrongdoer’s insurance coverage usually derives the sum of loss. The calculation process will likely use the policy amount of an individual. For one to acquire the amount that is much higher compared to the policy amount, he or she will need to go to the court.


From the information provided above, it is clear that there are many different factors that affect the settlement value of a wrongful death case. If you are planning to file a wrongful death claim, it is important to know some of the factors that can affect the settlement value. This will not only help you know the procedures to take, but it will also help you make correct decisions.